An unforgettable memory of your trip to Sicily.

Building on over 10-years of experience in the industry, Etnawild offers unique, unmatched tours, allowing visitors to get acquainted with the truest, most authentic aspects of the volcano.
Steering away from touristy destinations, you will see the Etna through the eyes of those who were born there and love the land from which they come. Gianfranco, our guide, was born and raised in a little town on the Etna, and will lead you through paths that he himself would explore ever since he was a kid riding his bike. He will tell you with passion all about the history, the places and the people of the volcano, its unique and unparalleled environment made up of sounds, scents and colors.
It won’t be just a guided tour, but a day spent together that will gift you with an unforgettable memory of your trip to Sicily, a memory made through knowledge and passion.
The Etna, to us, is wealth to be cherished, a story to be narrated, an experience to be shared.

Outstanding trips experiences

With his skills and kindness, Gianfranco will convey his passion for the volcano and the land where he was born.

Wonderful paths

Experience the volcano among lush woods and petrified lava flows.

Easy transfers

Complimentary pick up at your hotel by one of our off-road vehicles.

Local Cuisine

A journey through the traditions of Sicilian cuisine.


In the lunar environments of the lava wastelands, you will be able to experience a unique moment surrounded by an unspoiled nature.


Exclusive locations visited during our tours.

The town of Mascali, destroyed by the eruption of 1928; the 34 km2 desert of petrified lava of Valle del bove; the volcano’s active faults; the side-craters of 2002’s eruption; the lava flow caves; the Alcantara canyon with its lava rivers; the top craters constantly degassing; these, and many more, are but a few of the destinations you will reach on our tours.

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Passion is what leads us!

Unique destinations

Petrified lava, stuck in the course of its flow, lunar, Dantean landscapes with unique and mysterious features.

Comfortable accommodations

We want you to feel at home. That’s why we also offer comfortable accommodations.

Wonderful paths

Not just the usual touristy destinations, but authentic itineraries that will enable you to fully appreciate the variety of the volcano.

New friendships

It is not uncommon, during our tours, for new friendships to be struck in the name of fun-loving and good company.


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In the lunar environments of the lava wastelands, you will be able to experience a unique moment surrounded by an unspoiled nature.

It’s not just the spectacular eruptions and hot lavaflows, the interesting things of the Etna area, but the whole environment around Mount Etna is an incomparable landscape, full of unique sounds, smells and colours.
Our tours will take you to discover small villages all around the volcano and allow you to experience the goodness of local products and learn about the history and customs of the people from Etna. Mount Etna, is for us a wealth to defend, a story to tell, an experience to share.

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