If you’re nearby the Etna and feel like discovering it the right way (aside main touristic roads), just one step to go: call Gianfraco.

Native from a small village nested on its Piedmont, Gianfranco combines the knowledge and soft skills of a professional guide with a special attachment to this volcano. Clarity of his explanations – whether in English, French or Italiano – will help you understand what you see and figure out what’s happening underneath your feet.
As a native, Gianfranco was there for the 15 day flank eruption of October 2002 that destroyed several villages around. He will tell you what a “boutonnière” is, how fast part of the volcano is moving down South, what a re-fusion is, and hundreds of other very interesting explanations that will make the moon-like fascinating landscape around more readable for you.

A breathtaking experience (certainly one of the greatest one we had in our 10 day Sicilian round trip) and an easy tour at the same time, Giancarlo paying attention to each and every member of the group (we were about 20), finding the right pace and making sure everyone can follow with pleasure.

So, if your road cross nearby the Etna, don’t hesitate, call Giangranco!

Recensito 29 ottobre 2015

Dario S